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klaine hiatus challenge • day 32: favorite klaine riot

Do you wanna know how I picture the end of my life? Just like in the notebook, I’m sitting in a nursing home, talking endlessly about my high school sweetheart—my first love—going on and on about every little detail, as if they matter. Only, in my version, he’s there with me.   

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Klaine AU- Give it all up for me| trailer

by Jule Klainer

Summary: Kurt and Blaine are the most famous models,competitors, enemies and…lovers?


Kiss |kis| - Touch with the lips as a sign of love, sexual desire or reverence.

(Part One)




OMG my throat is raw from screaming for 6 straight minutes.  This is brilliant - absolutely amazing.  EVERYONE should watch this.  And then watch it again.

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We all together made a really great love story out of the mess that is canon Glee.




So a friend who would prefer to remain anonymous just sent me this link.. It’s just an article but I think it’s worth a bit of a read.

"Apparently so and, if these spoilers hold any truth, this is what FOX believes fans deserve after 5 seasons of dedicated viewing. As a viewer myself, I can honestly say I’ve received better fan service in a public bathroom. At least restaurants are smart enough to have a means to remove the smell of shit so that it doesn’t waft out into the dining room. To Glee, it seems this vile and unmistakable stink is somehow being misinterpreted as the sweet smell of success. "