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DAN: When you do interviews, you’re faced with the choice to either be the most boring person on earth or just get ridiculous things written about you from time to time
JOSH HOROWITZ: Sometimes it might be good to be boring
DAN: It might be but I just get bored of myself

                                [Happy 25th Birthday Daniel Radcliffe! (23 July 1989)]


Anonymous prompted: klaine trying to join sam’s celibacy club (and lasting like, two days)

"So you’re saying that in order to support the person who always ends up sex-blocking us anyway—"

"It’s called cockblocking, but continue," Blaine says quickly, letting out a surprised huff of breath when Kurt squeezes his ass for interrupting.

"—we should join his little abstinence club and give up sex altogether," Kurt finishes, deadpan.

"It’s only temporary, and I think it could really help with our- our self-control and, oh, Kurt, what are you—”

Kurt pulls back from pressing quick kisses over Blaine’s throat to say, “If we’re really doing this, then this is our last night of intimacy for a while, isn’t it?”

Blaine swallows, nodding. He expected more protesting, but then again, he’s not about to complain.

"Then you better rock my world, buddy,” Kurt growls, and Blaine just beams, letting Kurt roll them over so he can do just that.

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klaine challenge: favorite item

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klainehiatuschallenge day 32 - favorite klaine riot

❝WAIT…. IS THAT A /RING/ ON CHRIS S FINGER OH M YF GO D❞ -someone probably


favorite klaine moments

So, if what Max talked about at G4 is true, would this have been basically the first scene the two of them ever filmed together? Oh, goodness, they’re so great…


A new an improved video of Chris Colfer’s appearance on The Talk. Sorry about the sync issues with the first one!


Darren Criss + suits + rainbow colors

: Wonderful Starkid Gathering
: Wonderful Starkid Gathering